We have a great history of strong leadership at St. Mark’s. A big thank you to all current and past members and pastors that make up our leadership.

Pastoral Leadership

Pastor Steven Neal was ordained and installed at St. Mark’s on October 13, 2017.  He comes to St. Mark’s from Wartburg Seminary. Pastor Steve is married to Stefanie and they have two daughters.

Rev. Dr. Larry Lepper (Pastor Emeritus) came to St. Mark’s in July, 1994, first as an interim, then as a called pastor, who served the congregation from August, 1994 until his retirement in November 2004. Pastor Lepper and his wife Barb continue to live in St. Paul and remain members of St. Mark’s.

Jan Anderson, PMA serves as supply pastor to St. Mark’s and other churches in the area. She conducts bible study groups and is another spiritual leader in our midst.


Valerie Killinger serves as organist, choir director and valuable member of the Worship and Music Committee.

Pat Hansen serves as secretary of St. Mark’s performing clerical duties.

Judy Johnson diligently maintains St. Mark’s facility BEAUTIFULLY!

Council Leadership

Michael Bockmann President

Kevin Jorgensen Vice President

Barb Stefanowicz Treasurer

Janet Elstermeier Secretary

Erik & Tanya Williams Financial Secretaries