"To further God's Kingdom"

- Pastor Eugene Wekander, Sept. 14, 1955

So began the work and mission of organizing a congregation in St. Paul, Nebraska, in 1955. A parsonage and building site for the church had been purchased, and the first worship service and Sunday school were held in the old gymnasium of the public school on Sept. 18, 1955. The building was completed in the fall of 1956 with only $126 paid out in labor. The donated labor came from the neighboring congregations as well as from the community. 

As a congregation, St. Mark's was officially organized on Nov. 8, 1956, and joined the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1957 with 106 baptized and 70 confirmed members; 106 men and women signed the charter. Dedication of the church was held on Nov. 25, 1956. 

St. John's Lutheran Church of Cushing

1960 opened with tragedy when St. John's Lutheran Church of Cushing burned to the ground on January 3. Temporary arrangements were immediately made to combine the Sunday school and worship services of the two congregations. At a meeting on Feb. 8, 1960, 46 members of St. John's unanimously voted to merge with St. mark's, and the $7,000 insurance money was designated for the building of an addition to St. Mark's Church. On Aug. 14, 1960, 46 members of St. John's were received into membership at St. Mark's. 

- Brief excerpts from "St. Mark's Lutheran Church 50th Anniversary Directory, 1956-2006"