St. Mark's Lutheran Church
Your Church by the School


We are a community church, dedicated to loving God, serving our neighbors, and sharing the Gospel in all we do.

St. Mark's sits right at the intersection of Jackson St. and Howard Ave., across the street from St. Paul Public School (elementary entrance) and St. Paul Public Library. We are right at home, wonderfully placed to serve our community. The steeple rises high witnessing to the love of God over each new day and blessing students and their families. Again each afternoon they emerge to the cross in the sky, reminding them of the same love and faithful presence of our Lord.

We are a church in the world, not hidden in a far-off place. Following Jesus' example and command, we love and serve our neighbors. In worship, we are fed and nourished by prayer and singing, scripture and preaching, and God's grace in baptism and communion. Exiting the sanctuary into the neighborhood, we see this central place of learning, service, and civic life together. What a sight we see as the Spirit sends us forth to serve.

We invite you to come, see, and be a part of what God is doing.

Small and Mighty

We love our neighbors and serve our community, working to be a safe place of warmth and welcome, a resource for those hungry in heart, mind, spirit - and stomach. God's saving love calls us to love our neighbors in service, and we fulfill that call in many ways - food pantry support and direct food distribution, Habitat for Humanity home building, quilts, sleeping mats for homeless folks, local help funds, school kits, community meeting space for Boy Scouts, WIC, and so much more. With God's help, we have an outsized impact in our community.

We worship, we pray; we journey, we learn; we love, we serve.

We bring our whole selves to God, baggage and beauty alike. As Jesus walked with the crowds and ate with strangers at ordinary tables, we yearn for God's presence in our lives, too. Faith lives and grows in our daily living. As students make their way to their work of learning, parents park to pick up and drop off their kids, and neighbors head to the ball game or out for a walk, all travel through this welcoming space by the church where our lives are firmly planted in faith.

Here we strive for this meaningful life, lived in faith. In fellowship together we celebrate in joy, we sit in sorrow, and in worship, prayer, service, and study we come to better know the grace and peace of our Lord.